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Future of Facilities Explored at Sold-out 2014 Corrigo User Conference

Sold-out User Conference showcases the latest Corrigo innovations for facilities management professionals interested in taking their facilities maintenance networks to the next level.

Allen, TX — 05/08/2014 — Corrigo, a leading provider of cloud-based software and services for facilities maintenance, recently hosted its highly successful 2014 Corrigo User Conference.

The event, held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas April 21-23, featured workshops, seminars, roadmap presentations, a service provider trade show and roundtable discussions from Corrigo team members, as well as guest speakers. Attendance for the two-and-a-half-day conference was sold-out, as business leaders from a wide range of industries including property management, facilities management, restaurant, retail, grocery, hospitality, healthcare, city and state government, home building, aviation, contractors and more gathered to network and learn about Corrigo’s software solutions, including CorrigoNet®, the Work Order Network and WorkTrack® Service Provider.

“This event was a tremendous success for our team and all of the business professionals who participated,” said John Phillips, President and Chief Executive Officer of Corrigo. “The user conference provided a forum for facilities management professionals from across North American to exchange best practices and gain insight into Corrigo’s roadmap to better understand the future of facilities. ”

Feedback from those in attendance was overwhelmingly positive.

“I want to thank you for hosting the user conference. I personally really enjoyed this venue with a specific focus on a very important part of all of our jobs,” said John Getha, Director of Facilities for Wendy’s International. “Every single person I spoke with throughout the conference all had very positive comments. Everyone on the Corrigo team did a great job!”

At the conference, attendees were all given access to Corrigo’s new free Bid Manager purchasing solution. In addition, attendees received a sneak peek into the future with roadmap presentations and demonstrations of Corrigo’s platform on tablets and for international markets. Service providers on Corrigo’s Work Order Network had the opportunity to exhibit and sponsor at the 2014 Corrigo User Conference.

“Our staff attended the recent Corrigo User Conference and we were very impressed,” said Kerry T. Reid, Vice President of Operations, Marketing and Sales for Commercial Services of Glass America, who also exhibited at the event. “This event offered interesting seminars that included relevant and timely information for our industry. The entire event was well worth our time and investment. The Corrigo staff was very organized and personable. They also displayed a deep understanding of the industry and the customers we all serve. The Corrigo staff showed significant interest in increasing the partnership level with service companies to deliver increased value to the end user.”

Corrigo Announces Upcoming Launch of Bid Manager Software

New application makes it easy for companies to organize bids from local service providers

Allen, TX — 02/17/2014 — Corrigo Incorporated, a company that provides state-of-the-art SaaS-based facilities solutions, recently announced the upcoming release of its new Bid Management desktop app.

The new web-based solution allows companies to quickly and easily submit and accept bids for services from a wide range of service providers in their local area. Bid Manager is completely free to use and there is no charge for submitting or accepting bids.

“Bid Manager is an extraordinary new tool for businesses of all types,” said Dr. David Rainton, Chief Technology Officer at Corrigo. “This powerful software allows companies to pair their specific job requirements with qualified providers that serve their areas. This makes sure that the right people handle the right jobs, each and every time. With Bid Manager, everybody wins.”

As a part of the Bid Manager solution, Corrigo offers access to a complete network of qualified service providers, sorted by trade and zip code, which allows users to easily crow-source for work locally. The app gives both businesses and service providers a comprehensive marketplace to connect with one another over Corrigo’s Work Order Network.

Corrigo will officially unveil Bid Manager at the Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) Annual Convention in Dallas, Texas, on February 17, 2014. During the convention, the company will offer demonstrations of Bid Manager and provide news and information about recent updates to the Work Order Network, its end-to-end solution for facilities maintenance and management.

“Corrigo’s wide range of software and communication services are geared primarily toward empowering our clients,” said Rainton. “From our Work Order Network to our new Bid Manager solution, we are helping businesses and organizations across the country streamline their operations and grow in a sustainable way.”

Corrigo will occupy Booth No. 902 at the RFMA Annual Convention on February 17. For more information about Corrigo, the Work Order Network or Bid Manager, visit

Spending Too Much on Service Vendors?

3 Steps to Success

Are your service vendors charging you the correct labor rate? Was the amount you were charged the rate you had initially agreed upon a few months ago?

These are common questions facility managers struggle with when paying vendors for work performed. Typically, this involves digging up archived paperwork just to verify if a Vendors invoice charges are valid. Through the Work Order Network, facility managers can verify invoices with confidence just by implementing a few key steps:

Determine Standard Rates & Implement Price Lists

Once you have agreed upon specific labor rates and materials with your vendor, you will want to track and store these amounts as a Price List. A Price List is a standard set of labor and material rates that can be configured for a particular vendor or trade to ensure that Vendors are only submitting invoices based upon pre-negotiated work rates.
Work Order Network
When service vendors submit invoices for completed work over the Work Order Network, they will only be allowed to charge the rates established in the Price List. Additional items added to the invoice would need to be pre-approved prior to submission.

Set Not-to-Exceed (NTE) Limits

In addition to setting standard Price Lists for your vendors, the Work Order Network allows you to control the total cost of a service request by automatically placing Not-to-Exceed (NTE) limits on issued work. When your vendors submit an invoice, the total charges on the invoice must be lower than the pre-defined NTE amount. Any work that requires a vendor to exceed the NTE limit would need to be pre-approved prior to invoice submission.

Automatically Assign Warranties to Work

Automatically assign a 30 day warranty on every asset for every service repair performed. If service is requested on the same asset within the warranty period, you’ll be automatically notified. With vendor invoices clearly marked as “under warranty” upon submission, accounting can dispute invoices submitted by vendors with anything other than a $0.00 amount.

All current and past warranties associated with a specific asset are tracked in a history log, detailing who the warranty is with, the work order number associated with the warranty, and the number of days till warranty expires.

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