The Top 10 things that the Work Order Network can do for you

Knowing who your "A" players are

You depend on your vendors and internal technicians to ensure the message your facilities communicate is on the mark. But with companies required to do more with fewer resources, it's difficult to stay on top of which technicians are delivering timely, quality work, at a reasonable value. The Work Order Network's powerful vendor and technician scorecard combines several critical data points into one place giving you an automated ranking of the resources maintaining your facilities and corporate image.

If your operation is looking for insight on how satisfied your facility users are with the service performed, how much the service is costing and how long it takes to respond, complete and invoice for work performed, the Work Order Network’s industry leading vendor scorecard is for you.

What are your facilities saying about your brand

The condition of your facilities says a lot about your corporate image. Always work with A players - Scorecard your vendors . don’t like them? We got more

Extra data points and contact

If you are Sourcing Better Vendors Improving Your Vendor Management through Vendor Scorecards, Integrating Your Vendors Electronically: Why? Sourcing Better Vendors with the Vendor Scorecard Report – see all your vendors stack ranked with A-F grades for the first time.

Know your Budget to Actual in Real Time

Facility management may be considered a cost center, but every dollar saved in this department goes directly to the bottom line. Facility managers who avoid budget-draining situations contribute significantly to their company’s profitability and have the money to re-invest in continued process improvements that save them even more money.

An annual survey of facility managers revealed the three most effective ways to stay under budget while still providing top-notch service: (1) avoid unnecessary work, (2) avoid paying for work when you don’t have to, and (3) avoid paying too much for work. These may seem like statements of the obvious, but all too often the obvious gets overlooked in hectic day-to-day activities.

Cost Control through Better Spend Management

By making smart choices in the work management systems you use, you can launch your facility operations into a positive cycle of cost reduction. Avoiding just several unnecessary repairs calls a month, avoiding a few unnecessary warranty work payments, and reducing your average work order cost by just a few points will quickly add up to significant savings that can be used to improve the extent and effectiveness of planned maintenance work and targeted asset replacement.

Don’t find out 90 days after period close to know where you stand

With the Work Order Network's Predictive Budget Analysis Report – you'll know in real time where your spending is with respect to budget. With facilities spend constituting a significant drag on profit margins, Corrigo’s real time Budget to Actual reports and dashboards give you much more precise and timely accurate insight on repair and maintenance costs when they occur, not two or three months down the line. With the Work Order Network, you can even forecast pending invoices from work orders that are still working their way through the process so you can act ahead of the curve to ensure you hit your budgets appropriately.

Let your stores tell your story

One of the biggest hurdles any organization faces nowadays is to preserve a flawless corporate image because, let’s face it, the condition of your facilities and assets is a crucial element in winning new customers and retaining your loyal customers. Your facilities department is at the front lines battling these fights every single day and the Work Order Network provides the right tools to conquer such challenges.

Budget dashboards and spend control tools to help you set, and beat, maintenance budgets

Already handling more than 10 million service requests annually, the Work Order Network not only lives up to that task, but also lets you meet and beat your maintenance budgets by giving you total operational visibility, tools and real time reports for efficient vendor and asset management, and streamlining your work load, to name just a few of the advantages the Network will offer you.

What can Corrigo do for you?

Your business has more than its fair share of challenges. Profit margins are tight, competition is heavy, and even a minor repair problem can mean significant lost revenue. Facilities can be distributed across large geographies and contain numerous and complex pieces of equipment. Facility managers cannot afford to lose control for a minute. Take control and have the visibility and the information at hand to make the right decisions about vendors, prices, warranty work, asset replacement – the list goes on. Corrigo has a solution that is tailored to the unique challenges of your operation.

A proven track record of compliance

With a vendor compliance rate of 95%, the Work Order Network has been instrumental in helping our clients streamline and automate their facilities departments. We enroll, onboard, and train your vendors for you and give you the tools to enforce and receive the best possible service from your technicians and vendors. The Work Order Network will help you impose pricing agreements, track certificates of insurance, and avoid paying for repeat issues, among other things.

Protecting your brand

Break downs stop traffic – and store traffic is your lifeblood. Protect the way you look and operate by improving vendor responsiveness and lowering repeat issues the by having your service providers on the Work Order Network. Vendors who have used the Work Order Network get up to speed quickly and once they realize that they can get more work done, more work orders processed and process their payroll better. The feedback from vendors tells the tale of our extremely high compliance rates which exceed 95%.

Welcome Aboard

Corrigo will assist your organization in getting your service providers on board the Work Order Network. Each new vendor is given a welcome kit that walks them through the on boarding process which includes webinars, reference guides and access to one-on-one assistance that walks them through the process of creating invoices at the job site, process payments and syncing with your payroll system. The process is fast and effective and will have your vendors ready to manage and represent your brand.

Manage the data, leave the software to us

Whereas other work order solutions require costly enterprise software, the Work Order Network is a completely cloud-based service with no software to purchase, install, host, or maintain. Best of all, our applications and services are manageable through any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. You don’t ever have to worry about upgrading hardware or software as this is just one of the many advantages to making the switch to the Work Order Network.

AT 101 Type II certification

Your data is safe with us! Our cloud-based services are backed by secure AT 101 Type II certified data centers which run sophisticated security protocols, are monitored 24/7, and include redundant fail safe servers. The responsibility to keep your data safe is on us, which lets you focus on the things that matter most to you!

A solution that works for you

What all of this means for you is an incredibly simple user interface that can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re a local business or a large franchise corporation with thousands of locations.

Know your capital plan

Making budgets, designing capital programs, making fix vs. repair decisions and even appropriately supporting the value of your fixed assets is difficult to manage without up-to-date facility condition documentation. But deferred maintenance backlogs and capital asset replacement schedules are never available when needed. The choice of most organizations is a costly consulting arrangement whose output quickly goes stale.

Another Industry First from Corrigo

The Work Order Network changes that by documenting and organizing deferred maintenance and asset lifecycle data in a Facility Scorecard that shows what you would need to spend to bring a building up to standard and where to focus that spending. By combining this data into industry standard ‘Facility Condition Index’ scores it even helps identify which buildings are candidates for renovation or replacement. A real time Facility Scorecard is another industry first.

The Work Order Network is a facilities game changer

With Building Scorecard Report you are given the tools and the reports to know what your capital plan should be in real time. With tools like these, facilities spend is in your control, you know unequivocally how resources are performing, you have your finger on the pulse of facility condition and your cost of operations plummets.

Where going green = Profit

Keep your operational costs at a minimum while doing your part to help the environment. By joining the Work Order Network, you and your vendors will gain access to a communication platform in which notes and updates are sent back and forth from the moment a service need is identified until the work is performed. Cluttered and inefficient ad-hoc communication through phone, fax, and email will be a thing of the past and the use of paper and other resources will decrease dramatically.

Manage your assets, reduce your carbon footprint

The Work Order Network will monitor your equipment and building infrastructure systems for optimal uptime, reduced repair costs, and sustainability. With this level of transparency and organization, you not only save a considerable amount of money and prolong the life of existing assets and equipment, but also help reduce your carbon footprint.

A proven solution

Best of all, our customers realize an average savings of more than 9% on their facility management work orders. Going green has never been that easy.

Eliminate your call center

Now is a great time to make the switch and end your reliance on antiquated technology and expensive call centers when it comes to your facility needs. The Work Order Network is a web-based facilities management and work order dispatch solution that can be easily implemented for a lot less than call center based solutions.

A robust communication platform

As a single communication platform, the Work Order Network can be accessed through any computer and a wide range of smart phones and mobile devices – notes and updates are sent back and forth between you and your contractor from the moment a service need is identified until the work is performed.

A step in the right direction

Our application and communication platform currently handles well over 10 million service requests per year and is the trusted solution for companies such as Wendy’s, Urban Outfitters, Jack in the Box, and many more, who depend on the Work Order Network every day.

Warranty work management

As simple as it may sound, tracking the warranty coverage on a large number of assets and equipment is a daunting task. The cost of a management system can often be returned to you several fold just by knowing what is covered by warranty and not paying for repairs when you don’t have to.

Prevent unnecessary payments

The Work Order Network will help you organize your assets and notify you should a service need become apparent that is covered under warranty. Our warranty management tools also let you track real time warranty alerts and even auto route service requests to the warranty providers.

A proven solution

Dan Milojevich, facilities director at El Pollo Loco and a customer of the Work Order Network attests: “Since implementing the Corrigo Work Order Network, we’ve had measurable savings by avoiding many unnecessary repair calls and unnecessary payment for work under warranty.”

Enforcing vendor pricing

With the Work Order Network by your side, you’ll be able to effortlessly track vendor performance and enforce pricing agreements with your contractors and service providers. Improved vendor management is important because it increases the control you have over your operations and reduce costs by implementing price controls.

Vendor management made easy

With the help of the Work Order Network, you are able to set not-to-exceed price limits that require your approval before any work is performed. Set up priorities and routing rules to ensure the right work goes to the right resources. Furthermore, our solution lets you select help for site staff from our library to avoid vendor dispatches. You are basing your decisions on accumulated performance feedback, allowing you to outsource the work to contractors you can trust and rely on.

You are in control

With real time reporting you will always know which vendors deliver the best performance for your money. You can also create and adjust your own vendor performance measurements at any time and have access to an up-to-date, searchable database of all of your vendors and contractors.
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