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Visibility and accountability for service providers

Albertsons, a longtime Corrigo Enterprise power user, realized that floor care services performed by Service Pros (vendors) were not only their most costly facilities expense but also a service that lacked clear metrics. The combination of a costly, regular expense, coupled with poor visibility into vendor performance, led to uncertainty around the value their facilities management team received for millions of dollars spent each year.

Only Paying for Work Done Right

For Albertsons, floor care services included nightly floor cleaning at each of their national locations with the occasional deep scrubs and strips occurring quarterly. Even with floor care services performed 5-7 nights per week in every store, no effective way existed to monitor if work was actually getting done, and if so, if the service was being performed under the contracted terms.

Albertsons wanted to:

  • Ensure that floor care Pros arrived on site and completed each and every service as promised.
  • Ensure that floor care Pros fulfilled their contracted terms by allocating a sufficient crew for the agreed amount of time, which ensured that the proper services rendered were at a high level of quality.
  • Give store managers an easy way to provide feedback and voice a complaint when services were not completed.
  • Only pay for work that was actually performed, rather than paying the full contracted rate and having to negotiate credits after the fact.

Establishing Visibility, Accountability

Corrigo worked with Albertsons to deliver a solution that provided a high level of insight into their floor care operations. Implementing a standard Service Pro Visit Schedule was key to streamlining this process.

The two-step approach included:

  • Implementing a requirement that floor care vendors must electronically record on-site arrival for every store visit, and also record when they depart.
  • Providing visibility— at the store level, at the national facilities team level, and back at the home offices of the floor care crews — to every scheduled and performed visit.

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