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Ashley HomeStore

Download a candid interview in which the largest franchisee of retailer Ashley HomeStore describes the role Corrigo has played in their facilities transformation.

How they’re using Corrigo:

  • Asset tracking
  • Vendor management & auto-dispatch
  • Mobile request portal app (mobile deployment)
  • Vendor sourcing within Corrigo
  • Reporting
  • Preventive/Recurring Maintenance (PMs)

Key success factors:

  • Resolve paper-based process inefficiency
  • Store satisfaction
  • Permanent resolution of reported issues
  • Prioritization of emergency vs non-emergency work


Within 6 months of adopting Corrigo, Ashley HomeStore reported these results:

  • Immediate, significant cost savings
  • Average time to resolution for non-emergency service dropped from +60 days to <14 days
  • Increased store requests for service due to store satisfaction with the mobile request app and overall responsiveness of the process

How Ashley HomeStore is achieving this success:

  • Cost of resolving many work orders is reduced by obtaining better information on the initial service request.
  • Any request the landlord covers in their lease terms now is sent to the landlord automatically.
  • Troubleshooting guides. Not sending vendors out for simple fixes.
  • Tracking PMs (preventive maintenance) – now can associate costs with the locations and equipment they serviced, confirm the work was done, pull reports showing the notes from the techs, take proactive measures based on reports from the field.
  • The cost advantage of proactive, predictive maintenance.  Depending on trade, it’s 9x cost on the weekends to address a problem, plus the cost of repeat visits to address a recurring issue.
  • The Corrigo mobile app is a big game changer for store managers. Employees don’t have to go to the office to create work orders. Several commented – “we like the app, we get service faster, and communication is clear.”
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