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Fortune 500 retailer

Fortune 500 retailer leverages Corrigo to save $6 million in 12 months

How they use Corrigo:

Key success factors:

  • High store satisfaction with work performed
  • On-time completion of maintenance and repair work
  • Double-digit expense reduction (as a % of total FM expense)

Key challenges of this client’s operating environment:

  • Distributed locations – this retailer needed to complete and track work orders for thousands of retail stores and assets across many cities and states.
  • Supporting retail associates directly on their mobile devices – making it easy for store associates to create and check on a work order without leaving the front of the store.
  • Hundreds of third party providers to manage – ranging from large national third party vendors to very small local service providers


Within 12 months of adopting Corrigo, the client reported these results:

  • 97% Store Satisfaction with work performed
  • Reactive Work Orders performed on time: 80%
  • Preventive Work Orders performed on time: 94%
  • 118,000 work orders performed
  • 45,000 invoices processed to vendors
  • $6 million YOY savings

How the client is achieving this success:

To overcome the challenges and achieve tangible savings, the facilities team focused on four areas of opportunity.

1: To reduce administrative fees and improve responsiveness, the automation of routine paperwork in these top areas delivers a huge impact:

  • Automated invoice management. Replaced paper invoice processing with electronic invoice processing.
  • Automated dispatch. Replaced a traditional help desk model for work order requests, with stores calling a centralized call center to request work, with online work order requests. Automated assignment of requests, approvals, and monitoring on a real-time basis.
  • Automated reporting. To replace manual reporting, system proactively pushes out exactly the information the facilities team needs, when they need it.


2: To reduce costs and improve service quality, the following actions were taken to optimize the vendor pool:

  • Automatically tracking store satisfaction with work performed. Corrigo generates a satisfaction survey to the store owner, automatically, after each service event. If the stakeholder is not satisfied with the work performed, or considers the problem unsolved, the vendor is redeployed and payment is withheld until the situation is corrected. Consistently low performing vendors are replaced.
  • Increased use of local providers to avoid middle man markup.
  • Manage RFPs & find new low-cost vendors who are highly rated by other Corrigo users, using convenient sourcing tools inside Corrigo.


3: To reduce administrative costs, Corrigo enables the analysis and optimization of NTE (not to exceed) for a wide range of trades and common tasks.

  • Along with optimizing NTE, many automated business rules were implemented to improve the accuracy of provider invoicing and achieve 100% invoice compliance from third party providers.
  • New business rules included:
    • Warranties automatically placed on service work and assets like HVAC.
    • Work orders automatically restricted the invoice amounts entered against them to contractual rate card and NTE amounts. Corrigo automatically rejects vendor invoices which do not meet NTE requirements, including work performed under warranty.
    • E-quotes with approval routing enabled the facilities team and stores to know the cost of most work before the vendor ever showed up on site.


4: To improve store efficiency and operational efficiency, a mobile app portal was deployed to all store associates for requesting work and interacting with the work order platform to view progress, complete surveys, and so on.

    • The app makes the entire process easy and convenient for the associates – and they don’t leave the floor to go log in and interact with the system. They stay close to their customers and on brand.


Empowering all of these best practices is the control and visibility available when all of the data and automation became available in the same system. Getting the data out of disparate systems and spreadsheets has been critical to implementing these changes and achieving the cost savings.

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