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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut closed the gaps with Corrigo

Corporate Facilities for Pizza Hut oversees repair, maintenance, capital enhancement, equipment rollouts and energy upgrades for all corporate-owned locations in the U.S.

Situation: Poor communications led to service gaps & slow repair

In May 2012, Pizza Hut executives determined that its call center solutions system was not meeting the company’s needs.

  • Call center operators were out-of-the-loop regarding facilities.
  • Pros (Vendors), restaurants, and the call center were miscommunicating.
  • Tracking the sources of miscommunication was impossible.
  • Call center response was unpredictable on weekends and after hours.

Pizza Hut began the search for a system-wide solution

The company needed:

  • More control over data
  • Individual stores to enter their own requests for maintenance and repairs
  • All parties to know the status of work requests
  • The ability to determine responsibility when errors occurred

Pizza Hut chooses Corrigo Enterprise

From its list of contenders, Pizza Hut chose Corrigo, citing the company as “everything we wanted and more” to bring system-wide visibility into facilities operations and expenses.

Innovative capabilities that stood out for Pizza Hut:

  • Convenient smartphone app manages work orders in the field. Better, faster service saves time and cuts costs.
  • Easily leverage Pizza Hut’s current vendor base (Pros).
  • Seamless integration with Pizza Hut’s iPayables accounting platform. Easy transition of vendor payment processing.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) generates cost savings through vendor accountability.
  • Ease in adding new stores for weekly operational alignment changes.
  • Ensures reporting of data between operations and facilities by automatically emailing custom reports.
  • Web-based SaaS application eliminates hosted software and IT overhead.

Comprehensive solution saves serious dough for Pizza Hut

With Corrigo Enterprise, drastic improvements followed. Every store in the system realizes monthly savings from vendor accountability and call avoidance through self-help features.

Restaurant managers now have access to real-time updates.  From any smartphone or mobile device, operations and facilities teams can locate and analyze critical data at broad or granular levels.

Corrigo Enterprise enhances capital planning by delivering proven “repair vs. replace” data for every piece of equipment in every restaurant — providing the most efficient usage and maximum savings.


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