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Proving efficiency with benchmarking

Wendy’s reveals how it uses the Corrigo platform to maximize both technician and Service Provider efficiency across its corporate locations.

Wendy’s relies on in-house service technicians because of a simple equation: A technician who works for the company and is trained to work on the same equipment will be more productive. However, it’s very expensive to maintain an internal workforce, and there are trades and tasks where it’s more cost effective to use outside Pros who are paid only when work is needed.

"Restaurants are very asset heavy per square foot as compared to most retail space and the maintenance of all these assets continues to contribute to the ongoing margin pressures in this industry. With Corrigo we know what the drivers of our maintenance spend are and we are able to do root cause analysis on our assets, identifying and correcting systemic issues. These are key in our ability to offset rising maintenance cost along with the accountability the system brings to all our facility management processes."

John Getha

With Corrigo, Wendy’s can make the best decisions to drive Facilities Management efficiency and performance, while controlling spend.

Learn more about the work Corrigo has done for Wendy’s in Facilitator Magazine, posted with permission of the Publisher. Facilitator Magazine is the official publication of the Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA).

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