The network where the work is getting done

Every year, $6 billion in annual facilities spend flows through the Corrigo platform, across every US state and around the world. The CorrigoPro Network is where that commercial and industrial facilities work is getting done.

"Once you use Corrigo, you wish all your clients had Corrigo. I'm trying to get my clients to switch. You want a fast turnaround on your work order – I suggest you use Corrigo."

Frank Herrera

The CorrigoPro Network brings together the best commercial service providers in the business and connects them to the world’s most successful brands. The Corrigo platform makes it easy to find top-quality service providers, and for commercial and industrial service providers to build connections with new customers.

  • Demonstrated accountability: CorrigoPro Network members have a proven track record with other Corrigo customers.
  • Performance oriented: Every CorrigoPro Network member uses tools like GPS check-in/out to deliver (and prove) on-time arrival and high performance on the job.
  • Committed to customer satisfaction: Every customer is asked to provide ratings after each job is completed, and the overall satisfaction score of every service provider is visible to all CorrigoPro Network members and Corrigo Enterprise users.
  • Tech savvy: Connected service providers use powerful Corrigo mobile apps in the field and Corrigo intelligence back at the office. Their teams work smarter, communicate more effectively, and stay on top of high customer expectations.
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