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We’re continuing to enhance Corrigo Enterprise

Enhanced features available in the next Update for Corrigo Enterprise:

NEW Work Templates

This incredibly powerful administrative feature allows easy definition for a whole new realm of tasks and projects.  Create intricate multi-subject, multi-point inspections.  Define standardized projects involving multiple tasks and resources.  Roll out projects and tasks across entire portfolios — or surgically targeted locations — with a few clicks.

Customer use cases include:

o Building/Facility Condition Assessments
o Periodic Janitorial Inspections
o Equipment Installations & Retrofits
o Standard Renovation Projects
o Site Data Collection
o Life Safety/Environmental Inspections

NEW Turns for Property Management

Incorporating our advanced Inspections and Work Templates functionality, Turns also includes a flexible dashboard for quick visibility into open and recently completed Turns.

Recently-Enhanced Features:

  • ENHANCED Materials Management: Replenishment Orders. Replenishment Replenishment orders save end user time and improve the accuracy of materials management.  Corrigo Enterprise clients were already tracking materials used on work orders against stock locations such as warehouses and trucks. Now, reordering parts and supplies (MRO) can be significantly automated. Powerful mobile integration also simplifies the process of receiving new inventory. Learn more
  • NEW Refrigerant Tracking. Designed in partnership with our clients: robust, easy-to-use new refrigerant tracking for companies who use refrigeration intensively. Fully supports proper record keeping and regulatory compliance reporting for compliance with EPA section 608, including 2019 updates to the standard.  Learn more
  • Procedures. Powerful new field intelligence! For  inspections, recurring preventive/scheduled maintenance, and other situations where you want to capture/maintain asset data. Learn more
  • Warranty management. If you’re not yet managing Manufacturer or Service Pro warranties in Corrigo, recent updates bring even more reasons to do so. Learn more
  • Connected Technicians (your internal crew) can share a work order! Secondary Assignees can check-in/out of Work Orders, receive alerts, add costs, notes, pictures, and more.  Enhance your team effectiveness and help specialized techs work together.
  • Mobile apps. Complete Procedures, add manufacturer warranties, display a list of active warranties for an asset – all from the Corrigo Enterprise mobile app. Remote wipe, download file attachments, and more settings to change permissions are also now available on the mobile app.
  • Share information across your team. Enable sharing of information that’s applicable to multiple work orders.
  • Service Pro price lists are easier to use than ever! These price lists now can be viewed and exported by new categories of Enterprise users.
  • Integrations. Global custom fields can now be added to integrations which your Corrigo System Administrators can edit as needed directly.


Dozens more user-requested enhancements also included for reporting, shared working documents, time cards, mobile apps, Customer Portal, integrations, mass import/export, inventory management, PM/RM schedules, refrigerant tracking, additional languages, web services, & many other features of Corrigo Enterprise.