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Corrigo Enterprise Product Features

Corrigo Enterprise helps you manage everything that touches all the work you do

Corrigo’s Enterprise platform is the industry leading cloud-based facilities management software solution. Users enjoy access to a wide ranging marketplace of Service Professionals from more than 100 trades, and an end-to-end work order management process gives you visibility and control throughout every service event. Since Corrigo Enterprise manages everything that touches your work – all in one place – only Corrigo provides unrivaled power to drive financial performance, measured through tangible metrics like equipment uptime, building readiness, turns, and direct cost savings.

Advanced service delivery management

Manage vendors, assets, technicians, COIs, warranties, parts inventory, scheduling and dispatch, customer satisfaction, and signoff on every job. In other words, manage everyone and everything that touches your work orders. Get real-time visibility into your workload, team, and every factor driving your ability to deliver.

Advanced performance management

Bring a new level of sophistication to cost management, team management, and service delivery. Reduce the number of service calls it takes to get a stamp of approval from the person who requested service. Refine your mix of technicians vs. service providers. Maximize your clients’ asset performance and quality of repair/replace decision making. Benchmark your performance in each trade and service area you manage.

Advanced mobile apps and mobile checklists

Rely on powerful mobile apps for two-way communication and detailed, in-the-field information gathering and task checklists.

Extend your reach

Corrigo Enterprise’s fast, easy-to-use portals make initiating work requests easy, while powerful dashboards let you see and manage the day-to-day performance.

Eliminate double-entry

Automate frequently performed administrative tasks. Corrigo Enterprise also integrates easily with your accounting software and the other tools you rely on.

Manage your assets

Take asset management to another level with Corrigo Enterprise. Capture asset-level condition data on everything you manage, including warranty status and work order history, to optimize the decisions you have to make every day. See it all at a glance, and leverage powerful, customizable reporting.

Preventive maintenance

Extending the useful life of assets is a simple way to boost ROI, but automating the administrative tasks that manage the PM schedule is even better. Corrigo Enterprise’s work order management system empowers you to automate the assignment of maintenance, standardize the specifications, and mass-manage the work.

Empower your call center

Turn your dispatch team into a troubleshooting coach for simple, self-help fixes that avoid unnecessary service calls and keep locations running smoothly.

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