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CorrigoPro Request: Connect with commercial service providers

Corrigo-Connected Service Providers: share this free app with your non-Corrigo clients. CorrigoPro Request puts you at the top of your clients’ to-call list. And you can manage all service requests through the CorrigoPro Desktop.

If your Service Provider has invited you to download CorrigoPro Request, you’re in luck!

Designed to connect business owners with commercial service providers, CorrigoPro Request is the only app you need to:

  • Create service requests within seconds: tap the app, snap a pic, and add some text
  • Stay connected with commercial service providers you can trust
  • Send and receive real-time status updates about your service requests

Pros You Trust

The service professional who invited you to connect through CorrigoPro Request is a member of Corrigo’s network of commercial and industrial service providers. This provider got into the network through the personal invitation of their existing commercial clients who use Corrigo. It’s an exclusive group of top performers, with quality ratings straight from their Enterprise customers.

How It Works

Whether your business has one location or several, with CorrigoPro Request you create service calls simply by using our auto-locate function or by selecting your location from our mapping feature. No more phone tag, waiting on hold, dropped calls, endless searches on the web or that old paper directory.

CorrigoPro Request puts an end to frustrating, time consuming, and annoying activities when placing a service request. Everything you need to create, monitor, manage, and complete a service request is in the palm of your hand.

Visit this link from your mobile device to download the app: