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Direct Integration between Corrigo CMMS and Service Provider In-house Systems


When considering the total cost of owning a CMMS, ease of use is a consideration even beyond price. From an easy mobile app to place service requests to quick access to asset cost history and other repair/replace data, speed and simplicity are essential tools in the field.

Another aspect of total cost is the total cost of platform ownership to your vendors.

The biggest costs to your vendor partners are indirect and often difficult to quantify – the office and technology costs they bear to communicate with your CMMS.

The ability to efficiently identify new vendors who have performed in a positive manner for other customers and embrace technology is another significant challenge.

Perhaps the most significant savings of time and money, however, comes from the ability to directly exchange data electronically with these tech-savvy vendors, using whatever technology works most seamlessly for them.


Large Service Providers managing a large volume of work often have ½ FTE to 1 FTE dedicated solely to data reentry into their customers’ CMMS or facilities management platform.

Through a true, direct integration, a large majority of this time is eliminated, allowing staff to take on high-value activity instead of data (re)entry. This direct cost savings also comes with efficiency gains such as immediate access to status information without waiting for manual intervention before that data is available in your system.

Corrigo is the only CMMS platform enabling this direct integration at scale for all Service Providers running significant volumes of work through the platform. Each of your Pros need only a single integration that will automate their workflow for all of their Corrigo clients. Using the powerful Corrigo API, each Service Provider’s IT can directly implement and maintain that one-stop integrated connection.

Data feeding your asset management, repair/replace, and capital budget decisions typically becomes over 45% more accurate with appropriate vendor engagement through mobile tools – even without dedicated site visits solely for the purpose of assessing asset condition.

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