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Incident Response and Management

In Facilities Management, Incidents happen!

Incidents are events outside your control that impact your business operations, employees, and/or customers. Examples include:

  • Storm damage to a facility (or an approaching storm where damage is expected)
  • A break-in results in theft or vandalism
  • A customer falls and injures themselves
  • IT-related outages
  • Warehouse accident that is reported to OSHAIncident Management may include emergency response, investigations, preventative measures, and more.

Effective response incidents is essential to protecting both the company and your stakeholders, as well as ensuring the safety of employees and customers.

Corrigo can now help you identify incidents, quickly react and respond to them, notify interested parties, and document the follow-up investigations and new preventative measures.

Incidents: Key Features

  • Keep stakeholders up-to-date with automatic incident status notifications
  • Track administrative tasks related to Incident response
  • Create reactive work orders to track incident related work
  • Much more!


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