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Manage Recurring Visits

Bring visibility and accountability to janitorial, lawncare, snow removal and other repetitive services, minimizing operational overhead.

Ensure that customers only pay for work performed and providers/subcontractors are recognized for their performance.

Track Multiple Services Delivered in 1 Visit.
Visits functionality also supports workflows where individual tasks or services done in a Visit are to be tracked. For example, in snow removal workflows many services, such as de-icing, salting, snow-plow 2”-4”, etc., are priced differently.  Visits lets you track all the different services rendered during each Visit.

These invoicing and mobile enhancements are valuable to trades like Snow Removal and Landscaping, where the services rendered during a Visit to a customer site can vary and can be priced differently based on the set of services delivered.

Cool Features

  • You can make sure a Visit is verified “Good” only when the check-in AND check-out are both verified.
  • Comments are required when a Visit is rated Negative.
  • Works with IVR check in/outs as well as GPS.