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Materials Management

Manage Inventory, Reordering, and Parts Costs

All the parts and materials that your service technicians require can be managed in Corrigo. This lets you always know how much inventory you have on hand in each of your stock locations – anywhere you routinely keep spare parts.

Even better, your service team in the field can update inventory levels in real time by recording the materials they use with their mobile devices.  This also tracks which parts were used on each work order, enabling cost tracking and billback for the cost of those parts.

Corrigo Enterprise clients can easily track materials used on work orders against stock locations such as warehouses, storerooms, and trucks.

Reordering those parts and supplies (MRO) is significantly automated through Corrigo. Replenishment orders save end user time and improve the accuracy of materials management.

Powerful mobile integration also simplifies the process of receiving new inventory.

We love inventory… well, no one loves inventory, but we love the way Corrigo manages inventory!

Alan Lovelace
RPM Pizza 

Key features at a glance:

  • Automation. Automatically reorder all understocked products, maintain par levels
  • Consolidated ordering. Easily reorder a part for multiple stock locations, consolidated into one order for optimal supplier pricing
  • Order Status. Track order status, and easily see what’s already on order
  • Receiving. Technicians can review received orders and quickly add the items into their stock locations using the Corrigo Enterprise mobile app.