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Mobile CMMS Best Practices

Adopting mobile apps in the field

For a mobile CMMS deployment to succeed, the app and the hardware both need to be appropriate for the field environment.

Corrigo has partnered with a handset manufacturer who makes rugged devices that can be dropped in water, stepped on, take much more abuse than your phone, yet keep on working. Learn more about our partner Kyocera and their rugged handsets.

A mobile website only works if you have a continuous data connection, and data loss in the field can be a real time waster. If they’ve been burned by “log in through this mobile website” approaches to mobility, some facilities management teams can get pretty cynical about going mobile.

We find that the right process to get people set up and introduced to the app makes all the difference. A good, native mobile app preserves your data if you lose connectivity, while still providing real-time data as long as your connection works. Once the team sees that, it’s easier for them to trust the app.

We are often asked about asset labeling for mobile scanning (barcode, QR code, etc), and have developed best practices with our clients which facilitate that step. QR codes save a lot of typing when used to identify equipment assets and location through the mobile app, which is a win for everyone. Our mobile app lets any technician deploy a QR code to an equipment asset and easily associate it in the system with the asset.

Originally published: Facility Maintenance Decisions, October 2015


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