Parts Suppliers Create Customer Value with Corrigo Inventory Management

Restaurant Parts & More (RPM), DSI Parts, and Mill Hardware use Corrigo to set up customer inventory, maintain par levels, and more

RPM recently shared some industry-leading best practices that they and their sister companies, all parts suppliers, use to support their customers within the Corrigo Enterprise inventory management module. Here’s how they work with Corrigo to deliver premium value for their clients.


Professional Initial Truck Inventories – from the parts experts

For any technician or vendor fleet using Corrigo Enterprise, RPM and its sister companies offers their customers an initial hands-on field inventory assistance. This represents a savings of 8 hours per truck, on average, to inventory approximately $20,000 worth of inventory per truck. Since the supplier often has deeper knowledge of the parts inventory than the technicians do, the inventory is correct and complete when it goes into Corrigo.

Your custom parts catalogue and inventory, with par levels, is also loaded directly into Corrigo on your behalf.


Perpetual Inventory – Professional, Automatic Restocking

RPM and its sister companies use Corrigo to make monitoring technician inventory and shipping much more efficient then having techs contact the Supplier every time they need parts.

  • Keeps trucks supplied automatically
  • Automatically aggregate orders across all trucks until the free shipping threshold is reached
  • NO more techs calling in orders, worried about quantities
  • Guarantees a correct stock without effort to the customer


Easily Maintain Inventory – Barcode Scanning for Field Technicians

Once the initial inventory is in place, using Corrigo automatically updates all inventory levels. Your technicians and vendors simply add each part used to each work order, which enables a complete picture of service costs and automatically updates the inventory records for each truck.

RPM and its sister companies now include barcodes on their products, and those barcodes correspond to the inventory records inside Corrigo Enterprise. Your techs don’t have to type in part numbers. Just use the Corrigo Enterprise mobile app scan the barcode on the parts used on the work order.



Restaurant Parts & More (RPM), DSI Parts, and Mill Hardware are all wholly owned subsidiaries of Diversified Food Service (DFS). DFS and its many subsidiaries serve the vast majority of the restaurant industry, from huge corporate chains to franchisees to mom and pop restaurants to service providers servicing the industry.



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