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Refrigerant Tracking

Module helps clients handle refrigerant recovery and disposal

Designed in close partnership with our clients: robust, easy-to-use new refrigerant tracking for companies including grocery, convenience stores, and HVAC. Fully supports proper record keeping and regulatory compliance reporting for compliance with EPA section 608, including 2019 updates to the standard.

Track the use of refrigerant in equipment and cylinders to identify when ozone-depleting substances leak into the environment, and document the leak repair and subsequent testing of the equipment.

With Corrigo, you can:

  • Maximize recovery and recycling of ozone-depleting substances during the servicing and disposal of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
  • Certify to EPA that the persons servicing or disposing of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment are complying with the standard.
  • Ensure removal of refrigerants from goods that enter the waste stream.

Key features include:

  • End-to-end tracking. Easily track all refrigerant transactions in equipment, automatically calculate leak rates, and document leak repairs and testing
  • Easy to follow EPA testing steps. When tracking gas leaks and repairs, the application prompts users of the next EPA-required repair/testing step.
  • Track cylinders anywhere. Whether your technicians keep refrigerant cylinders in trucks, on site or both, track the purchase of, contents, usage, and final disposition of both new and recovery cylinders
  • Mobile. Record refrigerant transactions when they occur, at point of use from the Enterprise mobile app.
  • Canada/International. Usage can be tracked in metric units (kilograms) as well as imperial (pounds and ounces).​

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For a complete list of EPA requirements and regulations for refrigerant tracking, please visit the EPA online.

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