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SaaS vs. Self-Hosted Software

SaaS platforms save businesses time, money, and human resources

Companies everywhere are leveraging cloud computing software to eliminate the burden of maintaining software applications internally.

Historically, companies have hired IT teams to manage purchased software products in-house, adding the extra cost to remain in complete control over their company (and customer) data.

Since the introduction of the SaaS model, companies have started to outsource their internally hosted applications to third party providers, effectively eliminating unnecessary IT overhead while receiving more efficient and scalable software solutions.

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SaaS vs. self-hosted software

The biggest difference between a SaaS product and Self-Hosted Software is in who accepts the responsibility and expenses for maintaining the application.

SaaS. Think of a SaaS system as you would online banking. A bank allows millions of individual users a separate set of user rights and access over the internet. At no time are you expected to actually maintain the software system. That responsibility falls upon the bank you have selected. Under this model, your information is simply accessible via the internet, at any time and any place.

Self-Hosted Software. Users build or purchase their own “version” of the software that is accessible only on the device in which the program is installed. Users must install, configure, maintain, and upgrade the software and hardware, while ensuring that all data is properly stored, backed up, and secured.

SaaS advantages

Cost and resource allocation

Real cost savings for you as a SaaS User occurs by eliminating the need to spend capital on servers and dedicated IT personnel to run software. When best-of-breed capabilities are available from a SaaS platform such as Corrigo, you can focus funds on actual revenue generating aspects of your business, not administrative cost centers.


SaaS solutions such as Corrigo’s give you access to all of your data anywhere internet connectivity is available. As work becomes increasingly mobile, a productive workforce demands 24x7x365 software accessibility online and through mobile devices.

Upgrades and enhancements

Since Corrigo as a SaaS provider develops our solutions as a single platform for all clients, product features and system upgrades occur in higher volume and often require no additional configuration effort or cost on your part. The entire user community benefits from access to new functionality, as the software adapts rapidly to the changing needs of its customers.

A company maintaining its own internal version of Self-Hosted Software typically goes for years without any new features.

Provider expertise

Often your company’s areas of expertise do not include developing administrative software products. However, SaaS providers like Corrigo are the experts in the industry where they provide solutions.

Although a Facilities Management SaaS solution may only be a peripheral tool within your organization, it is the entire business model of Corrigo as a SaaS software provider. We devote our entire organization to understanding the market we serve and producing innovative software to earn and keep your business.

Risk mitigation

Users can be assured that their software applications are being monitored daily as SaaS providers are focused on maintaining their database system across all User accounts. Since every User shares the same common application, data is continuously backed up automatically system wide, decreasing the likelihood that a user’s access would ever go down or information would be lost.

A SaaS provider’s software application is the cornerstone supporting our entire book of business, which means we go to great lengths to avoid ever having our systems go down or compromising the security of your company’s operating data. Your interests are our interests.

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