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Vendor Scoring Methodology

Corrigo’s proprietary scoring gives you insight into how your service providers are performing both in timeliness and in work quality.

Total Score = Average of the Compliance and Satisfaction Scores

The letter grade given to Pros includes a Compliance Score based on responsiveness requirements set in Corrigo Enterprise and a subjective Satisfaction Score that comes from the ratings given as part of work completion verification.

Scores are reconciled, calculated, and updated weekly.

Performance Scoring for Corrigo-connected Service Providers

Compliance Score = (On-Time Response + On-Time Completion + On-Time Invoicing)

The compliance score is a number between 0-100 that averages the three compliance metrics pre-set within your company’s configuration settings:

On-Time Response – Was the work order accepted or rejected by the Pro within the time limit required by the work orders, based on priority level?

On-Time Completion – Was the work order completed before the Work Order’s due-by date/time? (This due date is determined by the work order’s priority level.)

On-Time Invoicing – Was the vendor’s invoice submitted within the number of days required?

NOTE: It’s not enough for the Pro to complete the job; they must also record the completion by marking the work order Completed through the CorrigoPro mobile app or web portal.

Satisfaction Score = (# of Positive & Neutral Reviews / # of Total Reviews)

The satisfaction score is the % of positive and neutral reviews a Pro has received, divided by the total number of reviews for that Pro.

These satisfaction ratings are provided each time a work order is verified as completed, which is one of the reasons why it is important to ensure work gets verified.

Positive                            Work was completed above standards

Neutral                             Work was completed at standards

Negative                          Work was completed below standards

Not Completed              Work was not finished

Example Calculation:

Compliance Score = 90% ((90+80+100)/3)

9 out of 10 work orders sent to a Pro were accepted on time = 90%

8 of 10 work orders were completed before the due-by date/time = 80%

8 of the 8 invoiced work orders were invoiced within the 5 day time standard set by the company = 100%*

  *Your Invoice Submission standards can be set in the general financial  settings under “Time to Invoice”

Satisfaction Score = (78%) (=7/9)

Of 10 work orders completed:

· 6 were rated Positive

· 2 were rated Negative

· 1 was rated Neutral

· 1 was not verified (not counted in the denominator)

Vendor Total Score = (90 +78) / 2

Vendor Total Score = 84 or “B”

Service Pro Visibility:

Service Providers can see the following through the CorrigoPro portal:

  • Their total aggregated score for each of their Corrigo customers
  • How the score was derived
  • The detailed breakdown of each scoring metric used in the calculation

Any “negative” or “not complete” verification flags the work order, alerting the Pro to either remedy the situation or simply use the feedback to improve future performance.