Intelligent CMMS_

Next-Generation Business Intelligence Tools for CMMS

Business intelligence, or BI, taps into data streams, running both real-time analysis and deep explorations to give you intel at every level. It delivers real-time heads-up on what’s happening in the here and now – and what’s coming next. It can dig deep to spot trends and help identify big-picture opportunities for improvement.

Corrigo has introduced two new intelligence tools, built directly into the platform, that transform real world data into easy to understand dashboards that drive improved business decisions and save you money.

There are three powerful ways BI comes to life on the Corrigo Platform: Fundamentals, Insights, and Benchmarks.

FUNDAMENTALS Your Here and Now

The intelligence tool that started it all. Fundamentals is the essential functionalities that keep you on top of day-to-day operations. Fundamentals is your operational heads-up display – the dashboards, alerts, and regular reports that help you keep all your operations informed and running smoothly.

  • Automate dispatching, NTE enforcement, and reporting
  • Track GPS check-ins, invoice validation, and work orders
  • Anticipate needs with predictive alerts and warranty management

INSIGHTS A Deeper Dive Inside

Insights gives you a longer-range, big-picture perspective. Insights digs deep to uncover the comparative trend intel you need to really understand your operations, going beyond in-the-moment dashboards to answer bigger questions about how your business is performing – and where you can improve to drive value.

  • Track your spending to the penny, by specialty or geography or other factors, for more accurate capital planning
  • Combine cost and quality metrics for pros – work more with the vendors you value most and less with lower performers
  • Understand when replacement is more cost effective than repair and prioritize which assets

BENCHMARKS See How You Stack Up

Benchmarks compares your data to trend data across all Corrigo organizations and industries. It looks under the hood of everybody’s data, so you can see how you stack up across your organization or how you stack up against an expansive range of Corrigo customers from a vast landscape of industries.

  • See if your costs are too high, and identify areas to improve
  • Adjust benchmarks dynamically based on the trade, geography, work order type, or other attributes that matter most to your business
  • See which of your vendors are best-in-class, and replace the vendors who are performing below average

The bottom line is BI does all the data digging a busy facility manager does not have time to do. Corrigo’s intelligence-driven FM platform cuts the data mountain down to size, arming FMs with the intelligent tools they need to transform their FM operations from a bottom-line expense into a proven value-driver.

Corrigo’s new Insights and Benchmarks tools turn data into actionable information to make smart decisions. Whether you want a tool to better understand your internal operations, or you want to compare how your operations stack up against other companies in your field or region…Corrigo has a BI tool to make your operations run a whole lot smart.

For more information, watch our Insights and Benchmarks Video.